Rodolfo Rosini
2 min readJun 15, 2020

A story about preparation, opportunity, and belief in startups.

Photo by Curtis MacNewton on Unsplash

Almost a decade ago was mentoring startups and came across a particular company doing apps for queuing, which shall remain unnamed. I thought it was incredibly daft. They had no use case, no expertise in building products, no experience of living outside the UK bubble, no validation, no startup experience, and from a priviledged background.
I decided against mentoring them, but to me at that moment felt that one of us was in the wrong room (because they got some seed funding). To amuse myself I kept tab on them through the years, and to my suprise they refused to die. They kept doing seed round extension after seed round extension. But death never came, and they always managed to see the sun raise the day after ( in the same period I failed 4 startups).

Fast forward today. And you know what the world needs today, and will need for years to come? No-touch automated queueing systems! WHICH THEY HAVE.

They might have not been viable as a VC-funded business (no VC invested anyway) but as a company now they finally have a platform, and have 8 years of experience in building products.

Crazy how daft things are daft until they are not.



Rodolfo Rosini

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